Julia Coggins Working With Me

Working With Me

What does coaching with me look like?

We will find the best way for us to work together. You may want one or two coaching sessions, or a block of six or eight coaching sessions.  Sessions are 60 minutes and can be spaced apart to suit your needs.  During our first session we will explore how we can make coaching work for you and agree on a way forward.  

It is so important to gel with your coach so I offer a free 30 minute Consultation Call to see if we are the right fit.

"When nothing is sure, everything is possible"


If you prefer to work 1-2-1, then coaching sessions will be right for you. These sessions can be via zoom, telephone or face to face if you live locally. We can find the medium that suits you and work together so you feel more fulfilled and are able to become the best version of yourself.

About Me

I am a caring, fun-loving, and proactive female coach working with people who are navigating their way through challenging life changes. 

I utilise my energy, curiosity and compassion to empower people to:

I am an empathetic and enthusiastic coach who draws upon Positive Psychology tools and techniques and NLP strategies to inspire people to regain control, and grab life with both hands. I enable people to take the steps needed to move forward with their lives, becoming the best version of themselves.

I have a bluebird as my logo as the bluebird is a symbol of happiness. I also like the chinese proverb:

“if you keep a green bough in your heart the singing (blue) bird will come.”  

I love the image this conjures up for me.  I believe that coaching helps open our hearts and minds so we can nourish and grow, creating the right conditions for the bluebird of happiness to come into our lives.

I also love star jumps, and have star jumped my way around the world, some of these I have included on the website.  I find they are a fun way to raise my energy and lift my spirits.

Recharge - Reboot - Renew.

I have 28 years experience in Human Resources & Learning and Development as well as:

"If you keep a green bough in your heart the singing bird will come."

Why use a coach

A coach may be useful to you if you are:

If one  or more of these applies to you, and you like what I have said on my “About me” page, then book a FREE 30 chemistry call and we can chat about it.
Julia Coggins Beach Happy Jump