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Julia Coggins
Positive Psychology Coach

New MindSpa Retreat Day Announced!

Saturday 14th October 2023 09.00 – 17.30

Toddington Park, Bedfordshire

We know people work better in smaller groups, so numbers are limited to
a maximum of 12.

What is Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology Coaching is a science-based approach to help you increase your well-being, enhance and apply strengths, improve performance, change behaviours, and achieve valued goals.

The result is an enhanced home and work life, with more meaning, purpose and joy.

I use a blend of:

…to build and enable you to take stock of where you are and figure out your next steps, enabling you to move forward, be happier, and get more out of life.

Business Clients

In a study managers who had a coach alongside traditional training improved productivity by more than 20%. Coaching with me enables managers to achieve better results for their staff and their organisation in many ways:

  • Improving leadership skills and performance
  • Strengthening teams
  • Increasing confidence
  • Reconnecting with motivation
  • Refocus direction and purpose
  • Clarifying aims and objectives
  • Improving self-awareness & wellbeing

Personal Clients

  • Are at a crossroads in your life and need support to discover what is next for you?
  • Would you like someone to enable you to find clarity and plan for the future?
  • Would you like help to uncover your passion and create a life where passion is at the very heart of what you do?
  • Do you feel like you have lost your mojo and need help to rediscover it?
  • Would you like more confidence and are seeking someone to help you recover it?

If one or more of these resonates with you, I could be the coach for you, helping you transform your life.

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Would you like to be more resilient and bounce back more readily from difficult situations?  If so, sign up to our Resilience Club for FREE monthly tips, exercise and ideas on how bounce back from those challenging situations which can arise every day.

1-1 Coaching

EmmaSuccess Story
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“Julia is not only approachable and easy to chat to, she has a huge knowledge and experience and offers good workable ideas that were tailored to suit my situation and personality.”
HelenSuccess Story
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“I can’t thank Julia enough for her coaching and expertise. I was in a very low place in terms of mental and physical health, with additional work conflicts, before I started my coaching sessions with Julia.  Each session I felt supported and listened to, as Julia guided and challenged me to recognise the positives, however small, as steps forward.”


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"The course was perfect, the teachers were fantastic and knowledgeable."
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"Course was brilliant.  I really enjoyed it."
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"I thought the course was good.  It gets you to evaluate your life and put things in place to improve your life and the life of others."
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"I think it could not be improved, it was very well done."
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"I found this course great and learnt a great deal, and feel positive about the future."

It is so important to gel with your coach so I offer a free 30-minute Consultation Call to see if we are the right fit.

"A coach is a magician of change who takes the cards you have and helps you to play your hand better, or sometimes to change the rules of the game, or to find a better game."
Joseph O'Connor

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